Tourism organizations

According to the Tourism Law of 1994 the National Tourism Organisation of Serbia (TOS) was established, as a government organisation to promote and improve tourism in the Republic of Serbia in both the domestic and foreign tourism markets, and perform other tasks related to the development of informational and promotional activities in tourism of the Republic. TOS activities are directed towards positioning Serbian tourism product on the domestic and international markets and evaluating the comparative advantages of Serbia with respect to tourism, such as the country’s geo-strategic position anc historical, cultural and natural identity. In order to implement tourism information and marketing activities in an original way, to ensure that Serbia is included on European travel itineraries and to consolidate bilateral cooperation in the field of tourism development, TOS attends all major international tourism fairs, cooperates with other national tourism organisations, as well as  with other international, regional and professional tourism associations. TOS is a member of the following international organisations: the European Travel Commission (ETC) The Danube Tourist Commission (DTC), the Danube Competence Center (DCC), the International Association Transromanika, the International Coach Tourism Federation (RDA) and the ICCA. In addition to the activities at the global level, TOS, in cooperation with town, municipal and other tourism organisation works on improving the tourist offer of Serbia, developing a positive attitude towards Serbian tourism and encouraging local population to visit tourist destinations in Serbia. In doing so it lays the groundwork for guiding end encouraging the growth of tourism as part of Serbia’a social end economic development. The tourism organisations of provinces, regions, towns and municipalities in Serbia harmonise their annual programmes and promotional activities plans with strategic marketing plans and programmes of TOS.
Tourism organisation of Vrnjačka Banja performs tasks of general interest in creating programmes for tourism development and related planning documents in accordance with the regulations on planning and spatial planning for tourist places in the territory of the municipality, improvement of general affairs for the reception and stay of tourists in a tourist place, encouraging and creation of facilities of public character of interest to tourism and other,  directing and coordinating the activities of the tourism providers to improve and raise the quality of tourism and complementary facilities and create an active environment, preparation of tourist information and marketing activities, cultural and other events of interest for the promotion of tourism of the Municipality.
City Tourism Organisation "Kragujevac" was established in 2005, with the major activities  aimed at promoting the city and presenting its tourist offer. This includes organizing tourist advertising and promotional activities, publishing brochures, postcards, as well as a promotion of the city’s tourist offer on tourism fairs in the country and abroad. It cooperates with companies interested in tourism of the city, as well as with other tourist organisations in Serbia and neighboring countries. Its activities also involve organisation and co-organisation and marketing support for tourist, cultural and sporting events.

Tourist Organisation of Kruševac has existed since 1995. Prior to that, this public institution had operated under the name Tourism Association of the Municipality of Kruševac. Tourism Association was founded in 1964 with the aim to support the development of all forms of tourism. Nowadays, Tourist Organisation as a public service performs all activities related to the promotion and development of tourism. Its work is public, covering the broad scope of activities of which we will list just a few: creation of tourism development programmes, preparations for reception and stay of tourists, organisation of tourist information and promotional activities, creation of conditions for relaxation and recreation, organisation of guide service, encouragment and development of publishing activities and making souvenirs. Tourist organisation of Kruševac offers to tourists programmes of various duration (one day, two days and of several days) of stay in the town and its vicinity, introducing them to the cultural and historical heritage and other tourist potential of the city. It should be noted that there has been intensive development of rural tourism, as well as the increasingly popular “wine routes” successfully organised by this organisation. Indicators of the successful work of the Tourist Organisation of Kruševac are numerous awards and honours obtained during their participation in the national and foreign fairs, as well as local and regional festivals.

Tourist Organisation of Raška municipality was founded on 1 January, 1993 as a public institution of the Municipality of Raška, with the director and one employee. Thanks to 2003 merging of Institutions of Physical Education and Sports with Tourist Organisation “Raška”, as well as with the inclusion of the sports hall in Baljevac, swimming pool in Raška, rehabilitation baths in Jošanička Spa, and facilities “Ski-dom” and “Villa Raška” on Kopaonik, a modern tourist-sport organisation named  “Raška” was created which formally and legally started its work on 5 November 2003. Tourist-sport organisation “Raška” has developed into a powerful public service with a task to take care of the above named facilities and bring order, to the greatest possible extent, into the tourism and sport sector in the municipality of Raška territory. It also has the task to present the municipality of Raška and all its tourism potentials in the best manner.

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